• Limburg is the southernmost province of the Netherlands.
  • It is in the southeastern part of the country and borders the provinces of Gelderland to the north and North Brabant to the north and the northwest.
  • To the east it borders the German state of Northrhine-Westphalia, to the west the Flemish province of Belgian Limburg, and to the south the French-speaking Belgian province of Liège.
  • Limburg's major cities are the provincial capital Maastricht in the south, Roermond in the middle, and Venlo in the north, all upon the Meuse river.
  • Limburg has a highly distinctive character.
  • In December 1991, the European Community (now European Union) held a summit in Maastricht. At that summit, the "Treaty on European Union" or so-called Maastricht treaty was signed by the European Community member states. With that treaty, the European Union came into existence.